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Our portable storage unit is a fully enclosed wooden container, complete with a door and locking hasp. We put on our custom-made tarp when the units go out to add another layer of weather protection. Our units allow air exchange which keeps your belongings safe from moisture. 

Our units are all sized 5' wide x 8' long x 7' tall. This allows you to pack each unit tighter which prevents load shifting. It also helps with sorting your household items by room. This means your garage items don't have to go into the same unit as your bedroom belongings. You will save money as you only pay for as much storage as you need.  

We can deliver up to 6 QuikPak storage containers at a time.

If you're not sure how many QuikPaks you need, order an extra one. If you don't use it, no problem. You only pay for what you use!


 = Roughly 1 - 1.5 rooms of storage. Give us a call for an accurate estimate.   




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Never Tilt Guarantee

Our storage containers are always lifted vertically, so you can trust your goods will be protected.


Never pay for more space than you need. Only pay for what you use. Our low monthly pricing means you can store big while paying little!

Since QuikPak storage units are smaller, you can pack them tighter. No shifting and no movement, keeps your belongings safe during transit.

Don’t mix your dining room goods with your garage items. Separate your belongings room by room in our individually numbered containers.


QuikPak storage containers fit in multiple locations – on the street, on your driveway, in the back alley, on a parking pad, anywhere!

Your QuikPak storage units are always stored inside our facility for added security and peace of mind. You're items are safe + dry with us.

QuikPak storage units are delivered with a truck-mounted forklift. The container is never tilted while raising or lowering.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • The Pak-n-Stor team were very friendly and helpful. Their services of delivering the storage units to my home and allowing me a weekend to load and unload 6 months later (at the new house) was great. I would recommend this business to everyone!

    Erin Squires

    Google Review

  • Ken and Justin are an amazing team for all your storage needs. They bring the units to your house and place them neatly on your driveway, and store them in a heated warehouse. Recommend.

    Addison Parfeniuk

    Google Review

  • I initially found Pak-n-Stor on a google search and kept my belongings with them for over a year. They've been consistently reliable, easy to deal with and I haven't had any problems or frustrations with them at all.

    Alaina King

    Google Review

  • I have nothing but good things to say about pak-n-stor ! I would recommend these guys to anyone moving or looking for storage options.

    Brent Lariviere

    Google Review

  • Great service and great owners. Just and Ken are really phenomenal guys, I needed to store away some stuff from the house. As opposed to have a drive to a storage place on my own, they just delivered the three storage containers to my driveway.

    Allan Fine

    Google Review

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